Instant Crypto Credit Line

Let your crypto work for you. Borrow instantly in 45+ fiat currencies and earn daily interest on your idle assets.

Product Features Instantly available open-ended revolving credit line
Interest from 8% per year (APR) No minimum repayments required

Guaranteed by Crypto Custodian Insurance

World's Largest and Most Trusted Crypto Lender

Guaranteed Approval
No Credit Checks

No Hidden Fees
Flexible Repayments

Nexo In Numbers

$300 million

Processed for 170,000+ Nexo Users


Jurisdictions and 45+ Fiat Currencies Supported

10+ Years

of Successful Track Record in Online Lending

How The Nexo Instant
Crypto Credit Line Works

Nexo Nexo

1 Deposit Crypto Assets to
Your Secure Nexo Account

Crypto assets are secured by
renowned SEC-approved custodian BitGo


2 A Credit Line Becomes Instantly
Available. No Credit Checks

Receive an instant flexible credit line
using our fully automated process


3 Spend Money Instantly by Card
or Withdraw to Bank Account

Spend from the credit line at any time.
From 8% per year APR on what you use


No Minimum Repayments,
No Hidden Fees

Interest is debited from your available limit.
Make repayments at any time

Nexo Platform Mobile
Nexo Platform

选择 Nexo 平台的理由


  • Nexo拥有功能完备的即时借贷平台,配以军用级别256 位加密技术,为用户提供无缝式体验。


  • Nexo与
    合作,确保所有加密货币资产的安全。BitGo公司获得高盛银行支持,同时获得市场其他领军企业信任,如 Kraken比特币交易所、芝加哥商业交易所集团、Pantera Capital比特币投资公司。


  • Nexo采用,以遵守客户身份验证与和反洗钱方面的全球合规标准。Onfido同样获得Coinbase比特币公司、英国金融技术创业公司Revolut、汇丰银行、全美互惠保险公司、国际汇款转账服务平台TransferWise以及B网的信任。

Instant Access To Cash
Without Selling

Nexo Nexo card

Flexible Crypto Credit Line

Your Crypto Credit Line limit is based on the market value of the crypto assets in your Nexo Account. Additional credit is automatically and instantly available upon appreciation of your crypto’s value

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