­čŚô What We Did for You in Q3

Oct 12, 20211 min read
­čŚô What We Did for You in Q3

Another very busy but very exciting quarter has gone by with lots of significant achievements and events. ItÔÇÖs time to reflect on what weÔÇÖve brought to you over the past months.

Q3 Spotlight

  • Industry-first Real-Time Audit from Armanino
    Armanino LLP now maintains a real-time audit of Nexo, showing the companyÔÇÖs assets always exceed liabilities.
  • SOL Available on Nexo!
    Our full suite of buy, earn, borrow and exchange services for Solana is here!
  • Off-Chain Transfers
    Free, instant internal transfers for all cryptocurrencies to all your Nexo contacts.
  • Nexo App 2.0
    We revamped the Nexo App, introducing a whole new look, along with numerous new functionalities and updates.
  • DOGE Joined Nexo
    Buy, earn and borrow against your Dogecoin on the Nexo platform.
  • Unlock Fixed Terms
    Protect your collateral from automatic repayments by making the funds in your Fixed Terms available for Automatic Collateral Transfer.
  • The Referral Program
    You can now invite your friends to join Nexo and get $10 in BTC for each person who signs up.
  • Nexo Brainer
    We introduced our shrewd video series, hosted by our Business Developer George Manolov to help you make the most of NexoÔÇÖs products.
  • Token2049 & Nexo
    Our Co-founders and Managing Partners Antoni Trenchev and Kalin Metodiev discussed all things Nexo at Token 2049.
  • Nexo at DAS: New York
    Our Co-founder & Managing Partner Kalin Metodiev and our Head of Corporate Finance Tatiana Metodieva spoke at the Digital Asset Summit crypto conference.

WeÔÇÖre thrilled to have brought you so much in just three months. Stay tuned for whatÔÇÖs coming in the next quarter ÔÇô weÔÇÖll be back with more great features and updates.

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