­čŚô What We Did for You in Q2

Jul 6, 20211 min read
­čŚô What We Did for You in Q2

ItÔÇÖs been a productive three months at Nexo and now itÔÇÖs time to showcase our newest features and, just like last time, give you a few clues as to whatÔÇÖs coming next on the platform.

Q2 Spotlight

  • Governance Vote: Our native token now has a governance feature, so you can vote on proposed future changes to Nexo.
  • Daily Interest on NEXO Tokens: All users can now earn between 7% and 12% interest on NEXO Tokens, paid out daily.
  • The Final Dividend: Last month, the final Nexo Dividend worth $20M was paid out to eligible token holders.
  • Collateral Exchange: Beat market volatility & grow your profits by exchanging collateralized assets with this new feature.
  • Bitcoin 2021, Miami: Our Co-founder & Managing Partner Kalin Metodiev spoke at Bitcoin 2021 & we sponsored the crypto art gallery.
  • DOT & ADA on Nexo: Buy, sell, borrow against and earn up to 12% interest on your Polkadot and Cardano.
  • The NEXO Token on Bitfinex: Trade NEXO on Bitfinex & enjoy our native tokenÔÇÖs improved liquidity.

And if youÔÇÖre wondering whatÔÇÖs coming in the next quarter, here are some clues:

  1. This feature will allow you to earn rewards for inviting friends to join Nexo. Time to get grandma her own Nexo account!
  2. The DOT and ADA integrations are just the start. Another new asset is coming to Nexo real soon, any guesses as to which coin it will be?
  3. WeÔÇÖre making it easier for you to ÔÇťFind your Nexo way into cryptoÔÇŁ with this new educational series.

We trust you enjoyed the last three months with Nexo and hope youÔÇÖre ready for another quarter full of innovation and new features!

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