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NEXO Token Utilities

The World’s First Dividend-Paying Asset-Backed Token

$9,449,627.26 Dividends

Paid out to NEXO Token Holders
over 3 years

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Existing Utilities


10% APY for stablecoins, and EUR, GBP and USD deposits



5.9% APR for Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines™


30% of Nexo’s net profit is shared with NEXO Token Holders in the form of dividends

  • Base Dividend - paid out to token holders proportionally to their NEXO Token holdings
  • Loyalty Dividend - paid out per NEXO Token based on how long it has been in the Nexo Wallet from one ex-dividend date to the next

Future Utilities


Higher cashback on purchases with more free ATM withdrawals and international transactions


Higher commissions and rewards when referring people to Nexo

The NEXO Token is a unique investment in the crypto space and beyond, blending together the best of traditional finance and blockchain technology.

The NEXO Token presses home the advantages of a conventional asset class and the innovative utility implicit in digital tokens, including credit line discounts and higher interest rates on savings.

Through its native token, Nexo shares 30% of all net profits with clients in the form of base and loyalty dividends.

Buy NEXO Tokens
Pie chart with levitating NEXO tokens.


NEXO is listed and available for purchase on 15+ exchanges.


  • $0.153822 USD (2.03%)
  • 0.00001201 BTC (1.03%)
  • 0.00510643 BNB (1.66%)

Market Cap

  • $86,140,374 USD
  • 6,724.360477 BTC
  • 2,859,599 BNB

Volume (24h)

  • $8,792,719 USD
  • 686.38443375 BTC
  • 291,892 BNB

Circulating Supply

560,000,011 NEXO

Total Supply:

1,000,000,000 NEXO

21st Century Banking

The NEXO interface is intuitive and easy to use. I am happy with it. I am earning interest on my deposits, and I also took out a loan. Amazing how fast the transactions are processed. Lightspeed compared to a regular bank.

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What could be better than a bank? Right - NEXO!

I started using Nexo in 2019 and for this time already I am very pleased and happy that today there is a company like Nexo. Perfect income for stable coins, even banks cannot be proud of it, as well as for your cryptocurrency, if you store them in your Nexo account. It’s just as wonderful because all your assets are insured against a commercial crime and it gives me peace of mind. Moreover, Nexo shares its income with all holders of its NEXO tokens, and I am happy to be the owner of NEXO tokens.

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This is arguably the best financial experience I've ever had. I've been an investor most of my adult life. I've been heavily invested in real estate and have a lot of experience with banks and traditional finance. I can assure you that what Nexo has built is light years ahead. Great interest rates and great lending practices. You can view Nexo as a force multiplier for your finances. Do yourself a favor and use it!

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Nexo: Heading towards multi Billion dollar valuation

Nexo is great, they continue to process more loans and grow that number month over month. They are insured, regulated, and make the token have intrinsic value by handing out dividends. And nexo has always responded to my customer requests within 24 hours-building a lot of trust these last 2 years.

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Nexo, A highly reliable platform with great products

Nexo is a highly reliable and secure platform. This can be hard to find in the crypto space. Nexo delivers Not just on security which gives me the confidence to invest online, but it also offers great products such as its high interest yield savings accounts, low rate loans and their own token which offers generous dividends and is continually gaining strength and improving in price. With an expanding offering of crypto currencies there is plenty more to look forward to. I would recommend using the nexo platform to anyone wanting a secure and reliable investment option for crypto.

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Tim Birishi
Fariz Asadullaev
Cody Weeden
Christopher Garzon
Jolyon Zentner


All your questions about NEXO Token answered.

What is NEXO Token and what are benefits of owning NEXO Token?

At Nexo we value all of our customers greatly which is why we devised the NEXO Token, the world's first compliant, dividend-paying, asset-backed token, featuring the following benefits:

  • Stacking NEXO Tokens give you a 50% discount on the accumulated interest.
  • Staking NEXO Tokens also brings clients 25% higher interest on the idle assets in their Nexo Account.
  • Nexo shares 30% of its profits in the form of dividends with NEXO Token Holders. Until now ±9.5M USD have been distributed through two dividend payments (2018, 2019, 2020). In order to participate, two conditions have to be met:
    • NEXO Token Holders must undergo one-time KYC (Advanced Verification) just as they would do at any other compliant financial institution. Nexo's KYC process is straightforward, fully automated and usually takes less than two minutes;
    • NEXO Tokens must be held/staked in your Nexo Wallets at the ex-dividend date.

If you want to be a part of the Nexo enterprise and earn along with the company, buying NEXO is as easy as purchasing any other crypto asset. Huobi Global is currently the largest exchange, where NEXO is available. A complete list of all exchanges where NEXO Tokens are traded can be found here.

We consider the NEXO Token a means of giving investors the opportunity to participate in Nexo's financial blessings and we hope you enjoy it.

Learn more about Nexo dividends by reading this article: Nexo Dividends Explained.

If I put NEXO up as collateral in my account, do I still receive dividends on it while repaying the loan?

Yes, you will receive dividends on all NEXO Tokens held in your Nexo account. To learn more about Nexo dividents please click here.

In other words - it does not matter in which wallet Credit Line or Savings you hold your NEXO Tokens.

How to buy NEXO Tokens to Earn 30% Dividends using Nexo platform

Please follow these steps to acquire Nexo tokens:

  1. Please log in to your Nexo account and then click on the "Buy Nexo" button.


  2. Click on the "Buy/Sell instantly" button and pay attention to the information in the "warning section"


  3. Provide the amount and the type of cryptocurrency you want to exchange for Nexo tokens:


  4. Click on the "Swap now" button. On the next screen, you will notice that your Nexo wallet address is pre-populated.


  5. Provide an email address you want to use.

    Please note that if you do not have an account at Changelly, then they will create an account on your behalf on their platform using the email address you provided and will send you a confirmation email to that email address.

    1. Log in to the email account you provided in the above step and verify your email. At the same time, you will be requested to create a password for your Changelly account.

    2. If you already have an account on the Changelly platform, please provide your password (point 6). If you have forgotten it, please go to changelly.com and reset it.

  6. Please enter your Changelly password in the "Enter your password" field and click on "Proceed".

    Please do not use your Nexo account password as it will not work. You have to enter your Changelly password.


  7. You will be redirected to the following screen:


  8. Click on the "Copy" button and then paste it in the "withdraw to" address field when creating the transaction using your private or Nexo wallet.

    If using your Nexo wallet and you have the required amount of crypto in it, please go and click on the "Withdraw" button next to the crypto you decided to change to Nexo. Paste in the "Withdraw address" the address you copied from the screenshot above, choose the same amount and confirm the transaction.

    You will receive an email confirming the transaction from Changelly to the email address you provided a couple of steps above. After the exchange process is completed, the Nexo will be automatically added to your Nexo wallet.

Where do I need to hold NEXO Tokens, in order to receive dividends?

Nexo pays 30% of its Net Profit in the form of dividends.

Dividends are available to all NEXO Token holders, regardless of how many tokens they own and in which wallet Credit or Savings they are held, as long as two conditions are met:

  1. NEXO Token holders must undergo one-time KYC (Advanced Verification), just as they would do at any other compliant financial institution. Nexo's KYC process is straightforward, fully automated and usually takes less than two minutes;
  2. NEXO Tokens must be held/staked in your Nexo account (Credit or Savings Wallet) at the ex-dividend date. The ex-dividend date will be communicated in advance.

The latest official information about dividend payments has been carefully explained here.

What is the smart contract address, token symbol and decimals?

You can find it here: etherscan.io/address/0xb62132e35a6c13ee1ee0f84dc5d40bad8d815206

Address: 0xb62132e35a6c13ee1ee0f84dc5d40bad8d815206
Symbol: NEXO
Decimals: 18