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Более 5М+ человек используют Nexo, чтобы раскрыть всю мощь своей криптовалюты. Но не верьте нам на слово. Прочтите отзывы наших клиентов, прежде чем доверить нам свои цифровые активы!

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Nashville Barry
Only a dummy would pass up the Nexo platform. Don’t be a dummy, download Nexo and make your riches grow today!
This platform is extremely safe to use, I now hold all my cryptos on Nexo and enjoy watching my portfolio grow with passive income. All my friends and family have signed up and use Nexo . It's transactions are fast and cash withdrawals are easy and fast too . I highly recommend Nexo 👌 . Nexo also have a loans service, make sure to fully understand how it works before applying for a loan, I haven't yet took out a loan but it's something I may opt into doing in the future.
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Dixon Bainbridge
Absolutely incredible app, hasn't even logged me out once since i installed... Couldn't recommend nexo highly enough
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Sal Munguia
I'd say hands down it's the best platform and safest platform to keep your crypto. I know my assets are safe I get excellent interest and it doesn't just list any token, only legit projects with assets that have a real future an going to be here fore a long time. Seamless trading. Instant swaps and purchases. Not only is great interest but crypto rewards when you swap I mean come on and they're doing a buyback right now for their NEXO Token. I love this app
I simply love Nexo! The APR is amazing!
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The customer support consistently promptly replies to inquiries and does so until the issue or concern is fully resolved. No other crypto exchange or lender is like this.
Nexo is the next level for the future about crypto assets, dividend and loaning and exchange. Regarding financial Very professional team,coins stored on hardware wallets,so Very safe.The have prove that to me.I love Nexo
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Nathaniel Seeboruth
The best crypto app you can get very easy and safe to use everthing is clear and easy to do just wish the card would come out already A1++
Elina Marie Baron
A unique platform for hodling, with the best staking returns. Very safe, user friendly and great customer service.On the top of it, the fees for withdrawal and deposit are inexistent.
Nexo offers crypto enthusiasts the best of both worlds - instant access to cash while retaining ownership of their crypto
Francisco Garcia
I have been enjoying Nexo's services for months now and so far I am very happy, content and feel secure with them. It is currently the best company to get returns on your cryptoassets or apply for loans. A secure company, audited in real time and licensed in USA.
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Excellent service and support!! Glad to be part of Nexo family!!!
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Nice to invest and save with Nexo, better then a traditional bank, they have pretty much the best crypto projects listed.
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Anthony Mandra
Solid app. It's tough to pack a lot of functionality into a mobile package. Most would send you to the web for half of it, bit Nexo does a very good job. Great service in general as well.
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Anthony Mandra
The best platform in my opinion for buying crypto with fiat and selling crypto for fiat. Fiat on ramp is fast, as well as off ramp. Staking rewards are competitive, with lending available and also competitive, 0% on 20% LTV as a Platinum customer, 10% value in Nexo tokens to achieve this . You can do everything you need, apart from orders, I like to put limit orders to buy and sell, Nexo doesn't offer this feature, which is a shame, if it did, it really would be a one stop exchange.
Lowrence Fernandes
I trust in Nexo because their funds earning interest are safe. Nexo has a sustainable business model that ensures high liquidity to meet their client's needs and their financial obligations. Nexo doesn't provide uncollateralized loans "even to trustworthy institutions". The funds of their interest-earning clients are safe, even during very unfavorable market conditions, just like today. All clients can access the Armanino LLC audit at any time and be assured that their funds are there. No doubt, this is a reliable company.
I like Nexo because it is simple to use. There are no long application to fill out to apply for a loan. This is more like a credit card. You can withdraw any amount your credit line permits.

Nexo makes earning interest on my coins easy. I have been using them for almost 2 years and I have had no problems with them. They are safe and legit to use.
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I have been using Nexo for 3 years now and they are overall a great company. They offer a wide variety of financial tools and have never failed to satisfy any of my needs. Customer service is great, withdraws are fast and reliable. My most trusted crypto company without a doubt.
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Timothy Terhark
I have used maybe 8 different crypto platforms. Some for the amount of different cryptos, some for the smooth interface, some just because its easy to log in to. This one combines ALL of that PLUS loans on cryptos. Best interest rates in the industry. Couldn't be happier with Nexo!
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Matt Morais
Have used Nexo for over a year now. I've put a lot of money in, and was skeptical at first but now trust the platform. I have had no issues, and the passive income is great! Almost an extra $200 per week!! Very easy app to use, although the haptic feedback has issues on Android and makes the use of the app feel awkward. Very minor thing, but something to note. Also, no ads!!!
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The app is safe and works really well. Out of all alternatives, NEXO is the best by far. Wonderful job, Nexo!
Recently joined Nexo and it has been great! Earn interest on your holdings. Borrow against it without spending your crypto. No brainer!
Nexo offers crypto enthusiasts the best of both worlds - instant access to cash while retaining ownership of their crypto
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You simply have to try it! Easy to use, fast, safe, versatile; they offer some of the best rates in this space!

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