The Gift-A-Ton Is On

Get $10 in BTC for every $1,000 spent with the Nexo Card. Collect the gift along with up to 2% in rewards back on every festive season purchase. Happy shopping!

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More Gifts, More Bitcoin

The season of giving is on for Nexo Card holders. Here’s how you can get Bitcoin rewards, regardless of your Loyalty tier.



Issue your virtual card with a single tap or order a physical card and activate it in the Nexo app.



For every $1,000 you spend until Dec 31, you receive $10 in BTC, plus up to 2% in rewards back.


Get Rewarded

The total Bitcoin rewards you accumulate during the period will be paid out on Jan 20, 2023.

Reward Your Shopping Habits

With the Nexo Card, your shopping habits determine how much Bitcoin you receive.

The Bargain Hunter

Discounts are flying in, and you can’t resist the $300 shoes, $400 backpack, and the $600 gaming console. You just spent $1,300 and get $10 in BTC for ticking all the boxes on your wishlist. Additionally, every purchase gets you up to 2% back, as well.

The Giver

You grab a $1,500 laptop for the kids and an $800 necklace for the significant other are $2,300 well spent. Your loved ones get the biggest gifts, and you receive $20 in BTC, plus up to 2% back for your generous heart.

The Big Spender

You waited an entire year to get that $5,000 smart TV and surround system. The $50 in BTC, plus up to 2% back in crypto rewards are just the cherry on top. Treat yourself for all your hard work in 2022.


How long will the Gift-A-Ton last?

This limited-time promo will be available only from Tuesday, Nov 22 at 16:00 UTC to Saturday, Dec 31, 2022, at 23:59 UTC.

When will I get my BTC rewards?

The rewards, calculated as per the average Bitcoin price on January 19, 2023, will be paid out in BTC on your Nexo Account on January 20, 2023

However, your regular crypto rewards (up to 2%) are settled with every transaction.

Find out the full terms and conditions for the promo here.

How much do I have to spend in order to get the $10 gift?

For every $1000 spent with the Nexo Card, you get $10 in BTC. This means that if you buy an item for $300 and then another one for $700, you’ll be eligible for the $10 gift after the second purchase.

What Loyalty tier do I need to get the BTC rewards?

You get $10 in BTC for every $1000 spent with your Nexo card, regardless of your Loyalty tier.

Will I keep getting the standard crypto rewards?

Yes, the Gift-a-Ton is giving out gifts on top of the crypto rewards each user gets for a single purchase. The amount of your crypto reward can go up to 2% and depends only on the Loyalty tier on Nexo.

Can I spend via Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Yes, you can integrate your card with Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can do that via the "Add to Wallet" button in the Card tab of your Nexo app.

Can I participate if I have already used the Nexo Card?

Absolutely yes! Everybody is welcome to participate in the promotion and spread the holiday spirit.

Is there a limit to the rewards I can receive?

No, every $1000 brings you $10 in BTC as long as the purchases are made until Dec 31.

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Enter the Gift-A-Ton

Reward your holiday shopping with Nexo’s Gift-A-Ton. Get a $10 gift for every $1000 you spend with the Nexo Card on top of your up to 2% crypto rewards. Get started.