Nexo Loans Button Now Integrated on CoinMarketCap

Oct 23, 2018·1 min read
Nexo Loans Button Now Integrated on CoinMarketCap

Nexo now has the only dedicated “Loans” button on every page of CoinMarketCap — the industry’s leading cryptocurrency price-tracker. This industry first feature will see hundreds of millions of investors with direct exposure to Nexo’s innovative crypto credit lines at their fingertips — through the simple click of the ‘Get Loan’ button.

Nexo is extremely excited to be

CoinMarketCap’s very first integration with a crypto credits provider. Nexo’s convenient access to instant cash is readily available to investors as they search through the list of 2000+ cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens listed on the website.

Nexo is the leading crypto credits service worldwide. No one else offers instant processing of loans with zero approval times and no credit checks, custodianship, military-grade security and an uncompromised user experience. The company is the only one in the blockchain space to service over 40 fiat currencies in more than 200 jurisdictions, making the enterprise the undisputed market leader when it comes to borrowing instant cash secured by crypto assets.

The cutting-edge Nexo platform makes borrowing a straightforward process that is gaining importance in a world becoming quickly tokenized. Customers simply top up crypto assets to a dedicated Nexo Wallet, provided by BitGo, and are extended an instant flexible credit line (from $100 to $2,000,000 per individual account). The clients’ preferred fiat currency is then available instantly to spend, and does not come with any minimum repayments or hidden fees.

Nexo is one of the few blockchain companies in the world to launch a live product and run a profitable business model right from its inception.

Profitability has allowed the Nexo to make its first ever dividend distribution on a token on December 15, 2018.

CoinMarketCap is the cryptocurrency industry’s go-to website for coin and token price checks. The 2000+ cryptocurrencies on the site draw in over 100 million monthly page visits. Its range of tools — from social monitoring to historical price snapshots — give users a unique insight into their favorite cryptocurrencies rivaled by very few comparable services.

The collaboration marks an exciting step for both Nexo and CoinMarketCap. Having the respective services associated with the industry’s biggest names is a huge step towards further adoption of crypto. CoinMarketCap has added a revolutionary service to their offering that will further help to make crypto an essential part of peoples’ lives and Nexo has gained valuable exposure for the unique proposition of borrowing against crypto assets rather than selling them.

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