The Official Record and Ex-dividend Date: August 5

Aug 3, 20201 min read
The Official Record and Ex-dividend Date: August 5

The record date and ex-dividend date for Nexo’s Third Dividend are set to August 5, 2020. On this day, Nexo will make an official record of our system and the Тhird Nexo Dividend amount will be made public.

To receive dividends, NEXO Token Holders must pass Identity Verification and stake their tokens in their Nexo Account by 14:59:59 UTC on August 5. So if you have not already done so, be sure to bring your NEXO back in before the cut-off date and time.

The dividend distribution date is August 15, 2020. Until then, you can read more about Nexo’s Base and Loyalty Dividends, register for the 20% Bonus Dividend, and check out the NEXO Token’s utilities.

We look forward to sharing our profits with you as Nexo’s Third Dividend approaches.

Best regards,
The Nexo Team

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