The Markets Section Is #Appgraded & Available on Web

Aug 30, 20221 min read
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The Markets Section Is #Appgraded & Available on Web

With the latest update on the Nexo web platform and mobile app, we’re making it easy for you to track the price movements of your favorite cryptocurrencies. The Markets section aims to give you an overview of the assets listed on the platform and help you quickly identify trends and opportunities. To make it accessible at any time, we’re repositioning it to a central spot in the mobile app and also adding it on web.

Markets on Web

Once you log in to the Nexo web platform, you see the Market highlights directly on your dashboard. For a complete list of cryptocurrencies, click the Markets section. If you want to see the price chart of each asset, click on the corresponding row. Here you’ll also find trending news about the asset.

We’ve also added quick access buttons directly from the dashboard. With the Trade and Transfer buttons you can buy, sell, swap, top up or withdraw any of the available assets.

Markets on Mobile

A quick overview of the top movers from the past 24 hours is available straight from the dashboard on the Nexo app. For more information, tap on the new dedicated Markets button. Here you can see a more complete overview of the assets with the biggest price movement, highest volume, and market cap.

You can select which four assets’ performance you want to monitor, by tapping on the Watchlist tab.

Update the Nexo app on your phone to benefit from the appgrades right away.

Seeing something interesting in the markets? You now have convenient access to real-time information if you decide to get in on the action. Stay tuned for more updates on the Nexo web platform and mobile app.

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