The Latest Nexo Ventures Investment: The TIE

Mar 25, 20221 min read
The Latest Nexo Ventures Investment: The TIE

Earlier this week, we officially unveiled Nexo Ventures, our in-house investment and acquisition division, to the outside world. And the Nexo Ventures team has been busy! Today, we’re sharing with you an overview of Nexo Ventures’ latest investment - The TIE.

The TIE is the leading provider of information services for the digital assets industry. In the same way that Bloomberg Terminals have dominated the world of traditional finance for decades, The TIE seeks to own the market for information and analytics for the world of digital assets. The Crypto SigDev Terminal is The TIE’s core product, and it’s used by institutional investors of all types, from hedge funds to banks, to over-the-counter trading desks.

Nexo shares a vision of the future with The TIE that includes mass adoption of crypto technology and digital assets by institutional investors the world over. That future is closer to reality today than many are aware, and The TIE is helping lead the way.

On Monday, The TIE announced the closing of a $9M Series A capital raise, valuing the company at $100M. Nexo Ventures participated in the funding round alongside other leading crypto investors including Blizzard, GoldenTree Asset Management, NYDIG, Hudson River Trading, Gemini Frontier Fund, and Republic Capital.

We’re proud to be on this journey with The TIE and look forward to helping share their technology with the world.

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