Nearly Half a Million in Crypto Raised for NEXT for AUTISM

May 4, 20211 min read
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Nearly Half a Million in Crypto Raised for NEXT for AUTISM

Because a life worth living is one in which every action counts, this year we took part in #ColorTheSpectrum – a live stream in support of NEXT for AUTISM. The event – hosted by Mark Rober and Jimmy Kimmel – brought YouTube creators, entertainers, comedians, musicians, and athletes under the same roof for three amazing hours of musical performances, comedy skits, and science stunts to benefit autism programs across the US.

Together with The Giving Block, we made crypto donations possible and easily accessible.

Crypto donors contributed $441,000 to the cause, out of a grand total of $3,630,000 in both fiat and crypto raised during the virtual benefit.

Commenting on the fundraiser, our Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev said:

"We are proud with the integral part we played in #ColorTheSpectrum and that we helped raise nearly half a million in crypto to support the autism community. I firmly believe that technology can help us reach out to every single human being in need of support and that we have laid the groundwork for more mainstream organizations to start accepting donations in cryptocurrencies.”

You can watch the full live stream or donate crypto by visiting our dedicated page

We would like to thank all donors for their time and contribution to NEXT for AUTISM. Donations like yours directly address the needs of people on the spectrum and their families and play an important part in helping them accomplish their goals for the future.

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