FTX Just Listed the NEXO Token!

Dec 14, 20211 min read
FTX Just Listed the NEXO Token!

As a result of Nexo’s continuous efforts to boost the liquidity and accessibility to our native token, we’re extremely proud to announce that the NEXO Token is now available on FTX.
Having our native asset listed on the third-largest exchange in the world is an attestation to the growth, stability and potential of our products and token. It can also be a game-changer for our clients around the world, for whom buying NEXO Tokens will now become a significantly easier endeavor.

FTX’s Available Trading Pairs

The NEXO Token is live on FTX through the NEXO/USD pair. USD is a basket of several USD-pegged stablecoins on FTX, so the NEXO pairs on the exchange include:


Boosting Our Token’s Liquidity With Nexonomics

Nexonomics has played a key role in our listing on FTX. We at Nexo are constantly on the lookout for new liquidity opportunities for our native asset and exchange listings were among our top goals for the Nexonomics 3.0 initiatives.

With our native token now available on FTX, our clients across the globe have yet another way to purchase NEXO Tokens. Among the 15+ platforms and exchanges that currently offer our token are the Nexo Exchange, Huobi Global, Bitfinex, Uniswap, HitBTC, Quickswap, Balancer and many others.

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