US$912,071.00 Interim Dividend for NEXO Token Holders Approved

Dec 4, 20181 min read
US$912,071.00 Interim Dividend for NEXO Token Holders Approved

Nexo’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce an interim dividend of US$912,071.00, to be paid out to NEXO Token Holders on December 15, 2018, subject to eligibility requirements.

UPDATE: As of dividend record date (December 5, 2018 — 15:00 UTC), there are 309,658,705 eligible tokens which shows that the annualized dividend yield of NEXO is 4.80% and beats all dividend stocks in Buffet’s portfolio: Apple 1.4%, JPMorgan 3%, Wells Fargo 3.3%, Goldman Sachs 1.6%

Nexo Dividends Explained


Nexo is confident that its superior lending services and user experience will deliver sustained, long-term profitability and growing returns for the NEXO Token Holders.

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Detailed information: Interim Dividend Announcement

Nexo Interim Report — December 15, 2018


As a leading financial entity in the blockchain space, Nexo’s goal has always been to be a profitable, but yet compliant institutional-grade business enterprise. Sharing 30% of profits with our investors just six months after the product launch is an important milestone and testimony to the resilience of the Nexo instant loan model.