Instant Crypto Credit Line

Don’t sell your crypto. Don’t lose the upside potential. Keep it and get an Instant Credit Line from Nexo.

$100 Million Insurance on Custodial Assets

World's Largest and Most Trusted Crypto Lender

Guaranteed Approval
No Credit Checks

No Hidden Fees
Flexible Repayments

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How The Nexo Instant
Crypto Credit Line Works

Nexo Nexo

1 Deposit Crypto Assets to
Your Secure Nexo Account

Crypto assets are secured by
renowned custodian BitGo


2 A Credit Line Becomes Instantly
Available. No Credit Checks

Receive an instant flexible credit line
using our fully automated process


3 Spend Money Instantly by Card
or Withdraw to Bank Account

Spend from the credit line at any time.
From 5.9% per year APR on what you use


No Minimum Repayments,
No Hidden Fees

Interest is debited from your available limit.
Make repayments at any time

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Nexo Platform

Problem & Solution

Repo for Digital Assets

The size of the Repo market for non-digital assets is EUR 5.6+ trillion, Nexo is bringing the Repo agreements to the new digital economy


Nexo Oracle

Drawing from 10 years of expertise and innovations developed within Credissimo, the Nexo Oracle is an automated independent system that maintains Nexo's key operating functions.

Loan Contracts

  • The Client transfers crypto assets to his Nexo Account according to the Contract, which has pre-written logic based on computer code

  • Loan Contracts are stored and replicated on the Blockchain, which makes them immutable and verifiable

  • The Client's crypto assets are securely stored and can be unlocked by Nexo only if the Client fails to repay the Loan

  • The Nexo Oracle operates autonomously and constantly checks various data points

  • The predefined conditions written on the Loan Contract are constantly evaluated by the Nexo Oracle through external data sources

  • The value of the Client's crypto assets is determined in real-time on multiple exchanges in order to minimize risks for both parties

  • Once any of the code-prewritten conditions of the Loan Contract are satisfied, the code triggers an automated action

  • Upon appreciation of the value of the Client's crypto assets and after each Loan repayment, the Nexo Oracle self-executes and the Loan limits are automatically increased