Bitcoin-backed loans

Obtenga un préstamo instantáneo
respaldado por su Bitcoin

Deje que sus criptomonedas trabajen para usted. La única cuenta asegurada que le permite pedir un préstamo instantáneo en más de 45 monedas fiat y obtener intereses diarios sobre sus activos ociosos.

Cómo funciona

Seguro por valor de 100 millones de dólares
para activos en custodia

El prestamista de criptomonedas más grande y de mayor confianza del mundo Testimonios

Cómo funciona la línea de crédito instantánea
de criptomonedas de Nexo

Nexo Nexo

1 Deposite criptoactivos en
su cuenta segura de Nexo

Los criptoactivos son custodiados por BitGo,
el renombrado custodio aprobado por la SEC


2 La línea de crédito está disponible al instante
. Sin verificaciones crediticias

Obtenga una línea de crédito flexible al instante
con nuestro proceso totalmente automatizado


3 Utilice dinero al instante con la tarjeta
o traspase el dinero a su cuenta bancaria

Utilice el dinero de la línea de crédito en cualquier momento.
Desde un 8 % TAE anual sobre la cantidad utilizada


Sin reembolsos mínimos
ni cargos ocultos

Los intereses se cargan dentro de su límite disponible.
Efectúe reembolsos en cualquier momento

Nexo Platform Mobile
Nexo Platform

Por qué elegir la plataforma de Nexo

Plataforma automatizada en vivo

  • Nexo cuenta con una plataforma de préstamos instantáneos totalmente operativa con una experiencia de usuario impecable y un nivel de seguridad militar con cifrado de 256 bits.

Custodio asegurado

  • Nexo se ha asociado con para garantizar todos los criptoactivos. BitGo está asegurada por Lloid's, cuenta con el respaldo de Goldman Sachs y cumple con los estándares de seguridad CCSS nivel 3 y SOC 2.

Compliance regulatorio

  • Nexo utiliza con el fin de adherirse a los más estrictos estándares de cumplimiento global de KYC y AML. Onfido también cuenta con la confianza de Coinbase, Revolut, HSBC, Nationwide, TransferWise y Bittrex.

Acceso instantáneo a efectivo
Sin necesidad de vender

Nexo Nexo card

Línea de crédito flexible de criptomonedas

El límite de su línea de crédito de criptomonedas se calcula en función del valor de mercado de los criptoactivos depositados en su cuenta Nexo. El crédito disponible aumenta de forma automática e instantánea si el valor de sus criptomonedas aumenta

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Bitcoin is the first, the most well-known cryptocurrency and the one with the largest adoption that spawned the FinTech move towards blockchain and decentralization. Here are some interesting facts and a brief overview of Bitcoin (BTC).

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin - ticker symbol (BTC) or also (XBT), has an interesting and somewhat mysterious history. It was first theorized and developed in 2008 by an anonymous mystical figure (or a group of developers) using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

By 2009, Bitcoin was released as open-source software on developer and cypherpunk web boards. This generated a large amount of buzz within those confined circles. The first or "Genesis" block of the Bitcoin blockchain was mined around this time.

Why was it created?

The need for independent, decentralized and autonomous cryptocurrency like Bitcoin arose from the fallout of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis which exposed the dubious actions of many banks and other financial institutions in the lead up to that meltdown.

By establishing a decentralized cryptocurrency that cannot be minted due to demand and economic factors (such as the state of the economy and inflation as is the case with fiat currency), a new form of commerce and value had been created. Banks and other financial intermediaries had been eliminated from the centre of every financial transaction.

Bitcoin Features

Like all cryptocurrencies that came after its introduction, the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records all transactions of Bitcoin (BTC). The Bitcoin protocol was eventually developed into a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm, where miners use computer power to effect transactions and create new blocks. They are rewarded in Bitcoin for this work - usually in fragments of Bitcoin from transaction fees.

Bitcoin like many other cryptocurrencies can be divided down to 8 decimal places and these Bitcoin fragments are referred to as Satoshis (in honour of the blockchain founder).

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC

Supply and Circulation

There is currently approximately 17.3 million Bitcoin in circulation, with the remainder yet to be released via mining. The total supply of Bitcoin units is 21 million units. There are only 20% of Bitcoins remaining to be mined. If the design of Bitcoin's halving events is factored in, the last Bitcoin is expected to be mined in approximately the year 2140. This finite supply of Bitcoin makes it deflationary. On top of this, about 20% of all Bitcoin is estimated to be lost due to misplaced or forgotten private keys and storage wallet addresses.


Decentralization - Bitcoin is not subject to the actions and whims of a central authority such as bank executives, financial institutions or political bodies.

Borderlessness - Bitcoin is the world's first truly global cryptocurrency and many others are following in its wake. Bitcoin could become increasingly more valuable as we continue to move toward a more globalized economy.

Security - The Bitcoin platform is very secure as a result of its blockchain design and the advanced cryptography used in the transaction process.

Market Share & Brand Name Recognition - Bitcoin is the most widely recognized cryptocurrency worldwide as it is the oldest and most popular. It is known even among people outside the crypto community and its firm position at the top of the coin market capitalization lists makes it an obvious choice for investors looking for a "blue chip"recognized cryptocurrency for investment.


Price Volatility - Bitcoin began at a very low price value when it launched and has steadily increased as the cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially over the last decade. At the time of writing, it has reached an all-time high price of $20,052.60 USD in December 2017 but lately has been relatively steady and holding between $6,000 - $7,000 USD in value. These are quite dramatic swings in its price and, like other cryptocurrencies, can often fluctuate by more than 5% of its price in a single day.

Superseded Technology - As Bitcoin is a first generation cryptocurrency, it does suffer from some flaws in its design that other newer, second and third generation cryptocurrencies have sought to address.

Instant Bitcoin Loans

At Nexo, we offer our signature instant crypto loans in BTC – clients can stake their Bitcoin as collateral for a loan in 45+ fiat currencies and across more than 200 jurisdictions. This Instant Bitcoin Crypto Loan will allow investors to hold onto their Bitcoin.

Due to its popularity, Bitcoin has a vast number of holders around the globe who have sat on their Bitcoin holdings while it remains idle for years on end, and not used in any earning capacity. Nexo can now offer a solution to this problem, by allowing Bitcoin holders to borrow against their existing holdings. In this way, Nexo’s Bitcoin lending service enables holders to build a diverse investment portfolio by leveraging their Bitcoin to acquire a wide array of non-correlated assets.

Also, by retaining Bitcoin via the Bitcoin lending services available on the Nexo Platform, investors do not risk losing any upside potential in the long term. In fact, a Bitcoin loan could be the difference in securing a larger portfolio net worth in the current crypto market climate. Nexo's instant loans are also incredibly tax-efficient.