Nexo “Crypto for Ukraine” Impact: Humanitarian Aid & Sustainable Actions

Jun 2·2 min read
Nexo “Crypto for Ukraine” Impact: Humanitarian Aid & Sustainable Actions
  • Nexo donates a critical vehicle, medical devices, and supplies to hospitals in Lviv and Dnipro.
  • We’ve backed sustainable education and integration projects with long-term effect for children and their families.
  • Through our partnering organizations, we’re helping provide emergency aid, relief and resources for women and refugees in hosting countries.

The devastating events in Ukraine have left millions of people in dire need and forced them to flee their homes and cross into neighboring countries and territories. Last April, the Nexo community took a stand and raised $700,000 for emergency humanitarian relief as part of our “Crypto for Ukraine” donation campaign and allocated funds towards numerous organizations.

What We’ve Done So Far?

Over the past month and a half, Nexo supported over 5,000 women and children Ukrainian refugees with emergency and long-lasting aid thanks to the tireless efforts of our trusted regional organizations. Our priority has been addressing their imminent humanitarian needs but also taking sustainable action with lasting effect.

All donations support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities under three main pillars:

  • Emergency Humanitarian Aid
  • Children, Education, and Integration
  • Women, Mothers with Children, Ukrainian Refugees

At present, our partnering organizations’ efforts include:

Emergency Humanitarian Aid (Nexo + AUOB “Mother Ukraine”, $30,000)

  • One Rapid Response Vehicle: The vehicle was granted to Hospitallers, a battalion of volunteer medics in Ukraine. The vehicle is staffed by paramedics whose primary role is to provide advanced emergency medical care for critical and emergent patients.
  • Two vacuum closure-assisted devices and medical supplies for them: crucial equipment donated to the Lviv Medical Union which is now used in intensive care in the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital and in a municipal hospital in Dnipro, in the kids’ surgery unit.
  • Canned and preserved foods (3,000 portions)
  • Underwear (4,000 items) and footwear (850 pairs)

Children, Education, and Integration (Nexo + BG4UA, $105,000)

  • “New Beginning” educational program for Ukrainian children, including classes for children aged between three and 17, technology and art classes, as well as financial support for their parents. So far, 463 children have been enrolled.
  • “Mission Ukraine in Bulgaria”: A newly established organization with trained specialists for a year-round program aimed at assisting children with special healthcare needs and their families.

Women, Mothers with Children, and Refugees (Nexo + Bulgarian Fund for Women, BCause, $25,000)

The funds donated by Nexo to BFW’s Urgent Fund for Women and Children have backed five local first-line organizations supporting Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. The allocation included: essential foodstuffs and sanitary products; medical supplies and tests; rental, accommodation, and transportation costs; counseling sessions to help individuals who fled cope with the recent traumatic events.

Between April 15 and May 31, the following contributions were made:

  • $350,000 donated to Ukraine’s crypto addresses by Nexo clients and employees
  • $100,000 initial donation by Nexo
  • $160,000 contributed to the above-mentioned emergency and long-term initiatives
  • $90,000 allocated to partnering organizations and ready to be distributed

Nexo's trusted and reliable local partners are bringing relief to Ukrainian communities and they need resources to continue their life-saving work and keep getting donations out to the people that need them.

We’d like to thank each and every person who contributed to our “Crypto for Ukraine” initiative. The funds donated by Nexo, its clients, and staff come at a crucial time to reach every individual in need of protection.

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