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$120 million Loans Granted
$155 million Cash Collected
Since inception
Loans Granted
Cash Collected
EU Banking Supervision

Credissimo adheres to the highest regulatory requirements and has been strictly
by multiple European Banking and Financial Services Regulators since 2007.

Credissimo is a leading European FinTech
Group founded in 2007

  • Credissimo utilizes innovative proprietary technology to provide:

    Instant Online Consumer Loans

    E-commerce Financing

    Bill Payment Services

  • Credissimo is a market leader in the Online Consumer Lending segment in several European countries
  • Our competitive advantage is encoded in our business know-how that we have developed in more than 10 years of experience - efficient business model, cutting-edge technology solutions and visionary management are the key drivers of our longstanding success
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10 Years of FinTech Success

Our Mission

Over the past 10 years, we have been providing instant loans to millions of people across Europe. We believe that the expanding digital world helps improve our lives. We would like to contribute by providing

The World's First Instant Crypto-backed Loans

Nexo - enjoy your crypto wealth today without selling your crypto assets!

Our Vision

In its historical development, Credissimo
has been identifying and successfully solving inefficiencies on lending markets by creating innovative and convenient financing solutions.

By applying blockchain technology, Nexo is Credissimo's answer to solving the lack of financing for the new digital economy.

Powered by 10 years of Credissimo's expertise, Nexo is offering the world's first instant crypto-backed loans.

Unlocking the value of
your digital assets

Quick and convenient
access to financing

Retain asset
upside potential

Based on secure
blockchain technology

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Kosta Kantchev

Managing Partner

Kosta is a Co-Founder of Credissimo and the visionary directly responsible for the 10-year-old success story of the whole European FinTech Group. An early adopter of bitcoin, he quickly realized the potential of blockchain technology, prompting him to develop at Credissimo one of the first systems to allow loan repayments in cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Georgi Shulev

Managing Partner

Georgi comes from a background in banking, having gained substantial experience in fields like M&A and Financial Analysis at institutions such as Unicredit Bank Austria, Lehman Brothers, and the European Investment Bank. Overseeing the business development and international expansion of Credissimo has further solidified his FinTech expertise.

Antoni Trenchev

Managing Partner

Antoni has been a crypto-enthusiast since 2011. As a Member of Parliament and a firm believer in a decentralized approach, he ferociously advocated and passed legislation for blockchain solutions on a variety of e-government services, most notably e-voting. He has been involved in the development of e-commerce platforms and has been Chief Innovations Officer at Credissimo.

Vasil Petrov


Vasil is an early blockchain technology adopter and self-starter. He has over 16 years of experience in system administration, back-end development and architecture of high-load and full-cycle projects. His achievements thus far have culminated in co-founding and being the CTO of a US multichannel video & internet service provider and distributor of interactive services for more than 150 000 customers.

Kalin Metodiev

Corporate Finance

Kalin is an investment banker with 20+ years of experience in corporate finance, securities issuance, M&A, private equity and executive management for leading financial institutions in the USA and Europe. His professional focus has always been directed towards company growth and investor wealth maximization. Kalin's extensive track record spans over a wide range of transactions exceeding $1 bln.

Kamen Trendafilov

Finance Director

Kamen has a vast and diverse background in the financial sector gained throughout his extensive experience working for Ernst&Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. As a Finance Director of Credissimo, his knowledge and expertise have helped the company become a leading European FinTech Group.

Savina Boncheva


Savina is a compliance professional with over 10 years of experience in banking and a strong focus on KYC, AML, Sanctions and relevant regulations. She is ACAMS certified and has managed Compliance teams in international banks such as JPMorgan and Barclays. She is passionate about protecting firms, their clients and the industry from illicit funds.

Bilyana Christova


Bilyana has been a digital marketing manager in the financial and tech industries for over a decade, and has been the Chief Marketing Officer at Credissimo. She has a penchant for the development of digital strategies, marketing management and results-driven marketing. Bilyana has numerous awards, including one for exceptional development of brand strategies and digital marketing campaigns.

Plamen Todorov

Blockchain Developer

Plamen is an exceptionally talented software architect with more than 15 years of experience building software solutions from scratch. He has hands-on approach in development of complex platforms and cloud-based solutions. Plamen has shifted his attention to blockchain technology in early 2012.

Teodora Atanasova

Business Development

Teodora is a blockchain advocate with extensive experience in both the legal and the investor side of the crypto-world. Involved in FinTech straight out of university, she has been a driving force in the Business Development of Credissimo, a company that serviced over 1 million customers throughout Europe and issued loans for over $120 million.

Joro Yordanov

Product Designer

Joro is a graduated system programmer and an interactive designer for more than 12 years, solving diverse design problems and releasing fully-functional web products. His work has resulted in award-winning campaigns for brands such as Samsung, Heineken and Telenor Group. Joro shares his knowledge and expertise at Technological School Electronic Systems.

Boris Delev

Technical Lead

Boris has successfully recognized technological potential before it has become mainstream. He has impressive technical skills that align with his quest for precision. He has more than 15 years of experience with various technological solutions, allowing him to turn creative concepts into complex and reliable web applications and platforms.

Ivan Kostov


Ivan is a results-driven marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field, with a heavy focus on financial services marketing. His trademark is the ability to deliver highly effective and measurable strategies to secure revenue growth for both B2C and B2B. Ivan is always striving to be at the forefront of innovative marketing methods and the results of Credissimo are a testimony to that.

Yasen Damyanov

Business Development

Yasen has been active in business development and project management at several companies for over 10 years now, including Credissimo, Drooble, YouLocal, and SEM Expert. An economist by education he is an entrepreneur at heart, who firmly believes that successful businesses are the constantly evolving ones.

Mario Krastev

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Mario is a QA professional dedicated to perfection and closely monitoring software development trends. He has extensive experience in two of the most competitive areas in digital product development - gaming and social network applications. With the blockchain technology finding mainstream adoption, Mario is contributing to the community with his knowledge and expertise.



Crypto FinTech Innovator

The Nexo Team strives for perfection in every possible aspect in order to deliver the ultimate user experience for Nexo’s crypto-backed instant loans. We are always looking for like-minded talented, self-motivating people, driven by the desire to exceed expectations in a highly demanding, yet most rewarding work, so seize the day and drop us a few lines on why you deserve to be in Nexo's ranks.