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Borrow without selling your crypto at rates starting from 0% APR. Just top up and your credit line is immediately available.

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Why Borrow with Nexo

Get as much or as little as you want, whenever you want with the most flexible crypto credit line out there.

Industry-Leading Rates
Enjoy our market-leading interest rates starting from just 0% APR.
Instant Approval
You are approved within seconds and you get the funds within 24 hours in most cases.
40+ Currencies
Select from more than 40 fiat currencies or borrow instantly using USDT or USDC.
Backed by Multiple Assets
Convert not just one, but all your crypto assets into fiat or stablecoins instantly.
No Installments
Pay off your balance partially or fully when you want with no fixed payment schedule.
Easy Repayment
Choose between fiat, crypto, or a combination of both to repay your credit line.

$7B+ Issued in credit
since 2018

5М+ Nexo users

40+ Supported
fiat currencies

200+ Available

Borrow at Just 0% APR

Get premium rates of just 0%-1.9% by becoming a Gold or Platinum client and keeping your LTV below 20%. It’s a flexible option, so you can switch between premium rates and our standard offering.

Borrow stablecoins and fiat from just 0% APR

Not a Conventional Loan. But a Smart Credit Line.

Instant Crypto
Credit Lines
Opportunity to grow
your portfolio
Lower interest rates
No origination fees
Instant approval
No paperwork to fill
No monthly repayments
No impact on credit score

See How Much You Can Borrow

Enter the amount you’d like to borrow to find out how much collateral is required.

How to Get Started

It’s the best experience you’ve ever had with obtaining funds. All you have to do is:
Click on the "Top Up" button. Copy the top-up address and transfer the assets you wish to use as collateral.
Once you top up, you will be able to borrow immediately with no credit checks. Your available limit will be calculated depending on the value of your assets.
Withdraw cash or stablecoins without any delays. You will be charged interest only on the amount you actually borrow.

Borrow & Get Up to 3x More Crypto

The Nexo Booster offers a quick way to increase your purchasing power, using funds that exceed your balance. Buy up to 3 times more of the coins you want, using your newly-acquired assets as collateral for a crypto-backed credit.

Learn more

Supported Assets

Choose from 40+ collateral options and 40+ fiat currencies and stablecoins to borrow in.


50% LTV


50% LTV

NEXO Token

15% LTV


90% LTV

USD Coin

90% LTV


90% LTV

Pax Dollar

90% LTV


90% LTV

Binance USD

70% LTV

PAX Gold

70% LTV

Axie Infinity

33% LTV


33% LTV


33% LTV


33% LTV


33% LTV

NEAR Protocol

33% LTV


33% LTV


33% LTV


33% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV

Bitcoin Cash

30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV

The Sandbox

30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV

Curve DAO

30% LTV

Lido DAO

30% LTV


30% LTV

1inch Network

30% LTV

Ethereum Name Service

30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV


30% LTV

The Graph

30% LTV

FTX Token

30% LTV


25% LTV


25% LTV

Huobi Token

25% LTV

Sweat Economy

10% LTV

Borrow in 40+ currencies

Start Borrowing

US Dollar




British Pound




USD Coin


40+ more fiat currencies

Protecting You Even Under Extreme Market Conditions

Nexo provides you with tools to monitor your credit line health and preserve the value of your collateral even in a market downturn.

Margin Calls

If your collateral starts to depreciate, our Nexo blockchain oracle will send you an SMS and email encouraging you to partially repay your crypto credit or add extra collateral.

Collateral Transfer

In case you don’t take any action, the blockchain oracle will automatically transfer assets from your Savings Wallet to your Credit Wallet to keep your credit line health in check.

Automatic Repayments

And if you don’t have assets in your Savings Wallet, the Nexo blockchain oracle will use portions of your collateral to initiate automatic credit repayments – just enough to fill the gap.

How to Best Utilize Your Credit Line

With a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $2M, Nexo is here to help you afford the necessities and luxuries you are thinking about.

Make a Major Purchase

Leverage your crypto and put the cash towards a major expense like renovating your home, buying a new car, or funding your education. Or why not spoil yourself and book that lavish trip you dream of?

Optimize Your Taxes

When using your Instant Crypto Credit Line and spending your available credit, you don't trigger a taxable event, which you otherwise may do when selling your digital assets.

Buy More Crypto

By collateralizing your existing crypto, you can invest in a variety of digital assets and earn interest or trade them. You can even purchase traditional assets like stocks, gold, or real estate.

Invest in Your Business

Grow your company without giving up on your crypto holdings. Cover operational expenses, pay employees on time, or invest in that once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

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After understanding the credit loan availability against my collateral I decided to take out my first credit. It was the fastest credit I have ever received. After 10 minutes I got my USDT in my other account. WIN=WIN situation for both parties. This is a must-have service!
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Thank you so much for everything Nexo. My life has changed for the better ever since I discovered your platform. Soon after I deposited my crypto assets, my dog got ill and needed surgery which I was able to pay for with a Nexo loan. Thank you, guys! ♥️
Easy to use app. Credit line facility is great. Interest earned on crypto assets whilst in the wallet. Simple to use exchange. Strong focus on positive customer and investor outcomes. I've been with Nexo since the ICO, watching it grow from strength to strength!
I checked some of the other alternatives as well, but UX/UI-wise, Nexo seemed to be the most straightforward. My first thought at that time was “wow, this is the Apple of lending platforms”.
Better interest rates than any traditional bank. Loans on demand that don't hurt your credit. Deposits in over a dozen cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Interest payments every day. Nexo is the best place you can keep your money right now.
Nexo has helped me and has also taught me not only how crypto works, but how to make it work for me and be able to make money and save at the same time. I've acquired a new car, my own house and am financially stable thanks to starting Nexo.
I was planning on attending university here in the US, but I didn't have enough cash for tuition. I had the option to sell my BTC, but found out about Nexo's crypto credits service instead. Got to attend college WHILE hodling my BTC. Thanks, Nexo!
I put up some crypto collateral that I was going to HODL anyway and for liquidity, I was able to take out a loan in just a few minutes and I can see my daily interest ahead of time before completing the transaction. I have never had an easier experience!
I'm going on my 62nd birthday and I will be able to retire pretty soon because of Nexo! How sweet is that? I borrowed against my crypto and now I'm earning interest every day!!! I will play more golf and will definitely embroider the Nexo logo on my golf bag!!!


How do Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines work?

Unlike a traditional loan that takes your credit score into account, Nexo offers crypto-backed credit lines where your digital assets act as collateral. Put simply, we give you fiat or stablecoins, and you provide crypto as security for repayment.

Once you top up, you can immediately get cash from your credit line by:

  • Withdrawing fiat straight to your bank account. You can choose between 40+ currencies.
  • Withdrawing USDT or USDC to your Nexo account.

To open a credit line, you need to:

  1. Open the Nexo platform or the Nexo Wallet App.
  2. Top up crypto assets and complete verification.
  3. Tap the “Borrow” button in your Nexo Wallet to withdraw cash or stablecoins instantly.

Note: Due to anti-money laundering regulations, you can only use stablecoins to cover 50% of the collateral required for fiat credit. The other half of the required collateral must comprise crypto assets (e.g., BTC, ETH, etc.).

You may also need to provide supporting documents to prove the origin of your funds.

Visit our Help Center for more detailed information.

How quickly do I get my money?

The Nexo crypto-backed credit lines are instant and guaranteed, you will receive your funds on the same or the next day.

The processing time is as follows:

  • Local transfers: 1 business day
  • International transfer: 3 to 5 business days
  • USDT (Tether) and USDC (USD Coin): usually takes no longer than half an hour before you receive the funds.

What is the interest rate?

Your interest rate depends on your Loyalty Tier which is determined by the ratio between the value of your NEXO Tokens and the total value of your portfolio:

  • Base: No NEXO Tokens are needed; interest on your outstanding credit line balance is 13.9%.
  • Silver: At least 1% of the Portfolio Balance in your account must comprise NEXO Tokens; interest on your outstanding credit line balance is 12.9%.
  • Gold: At least 5% of the Portfolio Balance in your account must comprise NEXO Tokens; interest on your outstanding credit line balance is 8.9% if your LTV is above 20% and 1.9% if your LTV is below or equal to 20%.
  • Platinum: At least 10% of the Portfolio Balance in your account must comprise NEXO Tokens; interest on your outstanding credit line balance is 6.9% if your LTV is above 20% and 0% if your LTV is below or equal to 20%.

To learn more about how our Loyalty Program works, click here.

What is loan-to-value (LTV)?

A credit line’s loan-to-value (LTV) ratio determines the amount of crypto collateral you need in order to take out a crypto credit.

LTV is calculated as the ratio between the crypto credit amount in USD and the value of the collateral in USD, expressed as a percentage.


Crypto credit amount: $5,000

Value of collateral: $10,000

LTV (%) = ($5,000/$10,000)*100% = 50.0%

For the exact LTV for each digital asset, visit our Help Center.

What if the value of my collateral changes before I repay my credit line?

If your collateral's value increases, your credit line limit also goes up. You’re free to withdraw more or leave your current credit line as is.

You can also use the extra value of your crypto to pay off part of your credit. If your assets have met your price target, then you can:

  • Place an order in your Nexo Wallet to sell a fraction of the crypto assets in your account.
  • Repay part or all of your outstanding balance.

The transaction is performed without any additional fees on Nexo’s part. Any resulting charges are fees from the exchange that facilitated the trade.

If your collateralized assets decrease in value your loan-to-value ratio (LTV) will rise. You will receive a minimum of three margin calls (via SMS and email) when the LTV increases to 71.4%, 74.1%, and 76.9%.

If the value of your collateral continues to drop and your LTV reaches the 83.33% mark, the Nexo blockchain oracle may initiate partial automatic repayments to rebalance the loan-to-value ratio back within limits. The blockchain oracle will sell as little as possible, so you retain as much of your crypto as possible.

To avoid this scenario, top up more assets and enable our Automatic Collateral Transfer feature, allowing the Nexo blockchain oracle to automatically transfer a small portion of your assets from the Savings Wallet to the Credit Line Wallet, thus keeping your credit line health in check.

How does Nexo keep my collateral safe?

Nexo is raising the bar for the entire blockchain space by utilizing the most rigorous KYC and AML policies, impeccable risk assessment, data protection, and enhanced cybersecurity.

We keep your collateral safe through our multifaceted approach to security, including:

  • Military-grade 256-bit encryption for your Nexo account.
  • Storage in Class III vaults through leading blockchain custodians, including BitGo, Ledger Vault, and others.
  • $775M insurance from our custodial partners via Lloyd’s of London and Marsh & Arch.
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate guaranteeing Nexo’s security infrastructure is of the highest standard.

You can learn more about our security and insurance here.

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