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The Referral Program: $10 in BTC for Every Friend That Joins Nexo

Jul 14·1 min read
The Referral Program: $10 in BTC for Every Friend That Joins Nexo

It’s here, the feature you’ve all been waiting for: the Nexo Referral Program. From now on, you’ll be able to earn $10 in BTC every time someone you invite joins Nexo. What’s more, the people you refer get the $10 reward too!

We know your fingers are probably itching to take to social media and start pinging your contacts, so we’ve synthesized all the details below.

The Referral Program Explained

  • You will receive $10 in Bitcoin for each friend you invite that opens a Nexo account.
  • Your referral must pass Advanced Verification and top up the equivalent of $100 or more of any asset supported on the platform.*
  • Once they have done so, you’ll both get your rewards directly in your Nexo accounts within 30 days.
  • You can refer up to 100 people, but they must be new Nexo users.

Everyone referred to Nexo who adds $100 or more in any digital currency to their account will automatically begin earning up to 12% interest on these funds. They can also borrow against them using the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ or swap them for other assets on the Nexo Exchange which won’t affect their $10 reward.

*The people you refer need to hold the equivalent of $100 or more in any of the assets supported by Nexo in their accounts for at least 30 days.

How to Refer a Friend

  1. Log in to your Nexo account.
  2. Copy your unique link from the Referral tab and share it with a friend.
  3. Once they create a Nexo account, add at least $100 in assets and pass Advanced Verification, you’ll both get $10 in BTC.

For now, the Referral tab will only be accessible from our web platform. It will become available in the Nexo Wallet App promptly.

We’re eager to see you use our Referral program, and remember, the more friends you invite, the more Bitcoin you’ll get!

Please be informed that the Nexo Exchange Service General Terms and Conditions, Nexo Earn Interest Product General Terms and Condition, Nexo Wallet Services General Terms and Conditions on and Nexo Crypto Credit General Terms and Conditions the Nexo Platform have been updated. Depending on your jurisdiction, these amendments may affect your use of the Nexo Platform and Nexo App.

We hereby encourage you to take your time and carefully examine the amended set of Terms and Conditions laid out above, so that you are fully aware of the rights and obligations arising therefrom. By continuing your use of the Nexo Platform and Nexo App, you acknowledge that your contractual relations with Nexo will be governed by the amended set of Terms and Conditions.

All set. Share only with your best friends!