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Meet the Nexo Brainer

Jul 15·1 min read
Nexo Brainer
Meet the Nexo Brainer

Episode #1 – Earn on NEXO

Nexo Brainer, hosted by our Business Developer George Manolov, is designed to keep you up to date on the latest Nexo features. In each episode, our expert team will share strategies on how to use our products to your best advantage.

What We Cover In This Episode

  • The Governance Vote – why we created it, the results, and what they mean for you.
  • The benefits of Daily Interest on NEXO Tokens.
  • The perks of our Loyalty program.

The Governance Vote & Daily Interest on NEXO Tokens

Until very recently, Nexo periodically distributed dividends to all our token holders. Although this business model worked well, token holders needed a better solution.

To find the best way to share our success with token holders, we decided to hold a governance vote and ask our community if, instead of us paying dividends to all eligible NEXO holders, they’d prefer to earn daily interest on their tokens instead.

90% of those who participated in the vote indicated a preference for switching from the dividends program to Daily interest on NEXO, the benefits of the latter being:

  1. Earning on NEXO is more predictable than dividends, and it gives our token more stability and flexibility.
  2. Less price volatility for the NEXO, as there will no longer be pump and dumps around dividend dates.
  3. Potential for less regulatory concerns and consequently the listing of the NEXO Token on bigger exchanges to increase its liquidity.

Our Loyalty Program

As you may already know, the NEXO Token is a fundamental part of our Loyalty Program – more tokens held in your Nexo Wallet mean higher yields on your savings and lower interest on your credit line. With the most recent changes, all Loyalty tiers will receive between 7% and 12% interest on their NEXO Tokens.

Click on the link above to watch the full episode and stay tuned for the next video in our series where we’ll talk about our latest developments for the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™.

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