In the Media, October 5, 2021: London Real, China’s Crackdown and, of Course, Nexo!

Oct 5·1 min read
In the Media, October 5, 2021: London Real, China’s Crackdown and, of Course, Nexo!

It’s time for your regular fix of Nexo’s In the Media. Read on for the latest scoop on what Antoni and the team got up to in September.

Antoni on London Real

In late September as the crypto market suffered a sudden dip, our Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev discussed strategies for thriving among bearish sentiment, navigating the regulatory environment and all things DeFi with Brian Rose on London Real.

Watch the interview directly on London Real or check out the summary below:

  • The genius of Satoshi’s Bitcoin is that it is flexible and quick to adapt to change, making it very difficult for any single entity like a country or regulator to hinder its progress.
  • Since regulators have limited resources and cannot go after every individual crypto coin, they are going after trading venues like exchanges and lenders.
  • Nexo recently launched a real-time audit of its custodial assets through PCAOB-certified auditor Armanino, showing the company’s assets always exceed liabilities.
  • Stablecoins don’t qualify as a security per the Howey test as they are pegged to the US dollar, hence there is no expectation of profit, but ultimately their status depends on the SEC.
  • Yields from the 2020 DeFi summer have remained high a year later demonstrating that the space has matured and is now garnering attention with the rising interest and utility in NFTs.
  • While NFTs are seen as purely speculative assets, this should be viewed as an initial stage in an asset class’ growth, rather than a permanent negative aspect.
  • NFTs have much more potential than just their visual aspect. There are metaverse platforms where NFTs are items that can provide access to features, spaces and more.

In the News

  • Wall Street Journal: Big Buys with Crypto Loans
    Antoni talks to WSJ about the big purchases people are making using crypto-backed loans.
  • Financial Times: Coinbase, the SEC & Nexo’s Stance
    Nexo’s position in light of the SEC’s actions against Coinbase.
  • Coindesk: Crypto Legislation Needs Proactive Players
    Nexo’s proactive approach to the current regulatory environment explained.
  • Yahoo Finance: More from Antoni on Regulation
    Antoni gives a follow-up opinion on regulatory developments in the US.
  • Cointelegraph: Next-gen Tokens in the Spotlight
    Our take on the rise of SOL, LUNA and other next-generation tokens.
  • Bloomberg: BTC Goes Up & China Cracks Down
    Antoni spoke to Bloomberg on multiple counts this month covering BTC’s rise despite regulatory pressure and China’s latest crypto crackdown.

We trust you’ve enjoyed catching up on the latest stories in crypto with Nexo and we look forward to our next news summary.

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