It used to be that if you were investing in crypto, you were a weirdo. Not anymore.

For the loser now will be later to win
For the times, they are a-changin'

The very fabric of people engaging with cryptocurrencies has changed because of NFTs, because of all-in-one platforms like Nexo, and – let’s be frank – because the traditional financial system isn’t exactly working as we’d like it to.

We never really vibed with our banks, never really felt the urge to refer a friend to use their services. With crypto it’s different and this nascent evolution has also brought about the cultural movement of crypto. Crypto understands. Crypto is relatable. Crypto is not static. It gets the people going.

Started From Credit Lines Now We Here

Blockchain’s technological merits are unquestionable but crypto will become part of the daily lives of the next few hundred million people mostly because of how we translate this technology into usability and relatability. And how fast we do it is key.

Everything comes fast and goes even faster these days so crypto companies also need to be, well, speedy. Ask Nexo – the company which in a single week announced its collaboration with Fidelity Digital Assets, launched 0%-interest credit lines, invested in two companies, and whose founder debated Nouriel Roubini. When was the last time a bank did that? P.S. Click here to download the Nexo app.

Don’t Call It a Cult, Call It a Culture

In 2021, crypto turned into a culture story as well as a money story. It is becoming an integral part of popular culture and companies like Nexo, which are human and evoke trust, but are also technologically smart and responsive to the undeniable potential of the metaverse – something we refer to as #MetaFi – will be the ones pushing the industry forward.

Because crypto is a culture in and of itself. One that we are not born in but rather one that we choose to become part of. One that has gathered the math prodigies, the coding wizards, the take-control-of-your-finances folks, the under- and unbanked populations, the cypherpunks, and most recently – people interested in art, music, and culture. More than a financial incentive, crypto has become a community built around ourselves and the things we care about – freedom, privacy, equality.

We are fast but change is slow. The first smartphone was invented in 1992. While cellphones outnumber the human population and 80% of people own smartphones today, this shift required nearly 30 years. We believe that NFTs are a catalyst for mainstream adoption because they turn a concept as abstract as a decentralized ledger into something tangible – art. The recent launch of another industry-first – an NFT lending desk powered by our multi-year experience in top-grade lending solutions – proves just how bullish on NFTs we are.

As things stand, next year we’ll probably be celebrating Nexo’s fourth birthday in the metaverse where one day the divisions currently present in the physical world may not exist.

Whatever happens and no matter how many years it takes for a nearly complete overlap of our digital and physical lives in socialization, productivity, and entertainment to take place, crypto is here to stay and Web 3.0 is inevitable.

Crypto represents a rich culture that values independence and defiance. Thanks to the visionaries, the early adopters, and the ones disrupting the status quo, we have cryptocurrencies – а progressive form of money that brings incredible wealth as well as freedom of economic activity.

Crypto is a community. А community is culture.

Bring a friend, make them part of the culture.

Take part in the cultural revolution with us.

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