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2019 in the Rearview and 2020, a Glimpse Into the Year Ahead

Feb 13, 2020·1 min read
2019 in the Rearview and 2020, a Glimpse Into the Year Ahead

As the world’s leading regulated digital assets institution for digital assets, in 2019, Nexo continued to be the trend-setter, staying at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain space and in global finance. Last year we set a number of ambitious goals and we are proud to say we have accomplished the milestones we set out and much more.

View Nexo’s 2019 Infographic Here:

Below are the highlights from Nexo’s most successful year so far:

With Nexo’s outstanding accomplishments, we already have ambitious plans for 2020 that will continue to reflect our principles of excellence in providing the finest quality of service.

2020: A Glimpse into the Year Ahead

The Nexo Team is already working hard on our next set of goals. Among Nexo’s plans for 2020 are:

  • The launch of our ‘Earn on Crypto’ product which will allow clients to capitalize on their idle cryptocurrencies.
  • Relentlessly growing our Instant Crypto Credit LinesTM by adding even more collateral options, features and functionalities.
  • Having our activity as a digital assets institution encapsulated by an API that can be used in different businesses allows Nexo unlimited future development. As such, Nexo is continuously working on the software aspect of its enterprise.
  • Acquiring commercial banking capabilities so that we are able to tap into the fiat deposit-taking and payments system.
  • Sustaining the highest of industry standards regarding compliance with all local regulatory frameworks.
  • Evolving the Nexo platform in correspondence to the growing needs and demands of our clients.
  • Building the Nexo Team’s capability and capacity to drive forward the thriving business.
  • Empowering our users and our enterprise to live the future of banking by enabling the upcoming tokenization of the world.

We are glad to have you onboard for what will be a truly phenomenal journey!

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