Affiliate Program

Use Your Voice to Shape The Future of Finance

Introduce Nexo’s suite of products to your audience and earn a steady stream of income.

What’s in It for You?


10 %

of the earned interest by each invited user within 12 months


0.5 %

of the borrowed amount for each invited user within 12 months

Make money each time an invited user earns interest or borrow funds.

Getting Started Is Easy



Fill out the application form – it only takes a minute. Once approved, you’ll get a unique affiliate link for your audience.



Create engaging content for your favorite networks and encourage followers to grow their crypto wealth with Nexo.



When a user joins via your link, you’ll get paid each time they earn interest or borrow funds for the first 12 months.

The Perks

Partner with a trusted digital assets institution and get help every step of the way.

No Cap, No Limits
The more new users you introduce to Nexo, the more revenue you’ll earn.
Real-Time Reporting
Track the earnings generated by your affiliate links from a single dashboard.
Long Cookie Duration
Earn commissions for users who register up to 30 days after they click on your link.
12-Month Window
Get a share of the earned interest or borrowed amount for a full year!
Dedicated Support
Receive support from your dedicated affiliate manager. We’re here for you!
Marketing Materials
Get attractive banners and optimized landing pages so you can start right away.

Who Are We Looking for?


Are there any requirements to become a Nexo Affiliate?

We do not have any specific requirements  – anyone can join Nexo’s Affiliate Program and start earning with us. The only requirement is that you’re not sharing any adult or gambling content.

Please note that there are sometimes country-specific restrictions that temporarily prevent us from onboarding affiliates in certain regions.

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

Applications are reviewed only during workdays and are usually approved within hours. You’ll receive a confirmation email once you get the green light.

How is the commission calculated and when will I get paid?

When invited users start earning interest on the Nexo platform, you receive 10% of all interest payouts. You also get 0.5% of the total borrowed amount via our Instant Crypto Credit Lines.

Commissions are calculated instantly after a transaction is processed but are released after 30 days, as we want to ensure customer retention and growth.

Can I run Google Search Ads and bid on Nexo?

Our only requirement is that you don’t bid on brand-related keywords – everything else is there for the taking! To be on the safe side, you can add “Nexo” as a negative word in your Google Ads account.

Join Our Affiliate Program

Help your audience unlock the power of their crypto and earn ongoing passive income.